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The participants of the munich international logistics expo believe that – “one belt and one road to promote the development of global logistics industry

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The four-day Munich International Logistics Fair ended on June 7th at the Munich Convention and Exhibition Center in Germany. Digital, artificial intelligence, and China-European class trains have become hot topics in this year's fair. The Expo attracts approximately 2,300 exhibitors worldwide, of which more than 60 are from China and are the largest exhibitors outside the EU. Participants believed that the “One Belt, One Road” initiative created a win-win opportunity for European and Chinese companies, and expected more Chinese logistics companies to come to the exhibition.


The biennial Munich International Logistics Expo was founded in 1978 and is the largest exhibition in the global logistics industry. As the world's top transportation logistics event, the exhibition covers all related fields such as logistics services, information technology and supply chain management.


"Digitalization is the key to the future development of the logistics industry"


Under the dual simulation of virtual reality glasses and dynamic seats, Deutsche Post Group booth staff Benjamin Schwarm is experiencing the instability of the forklift. He quickly adjusted the steering wheel and joystick until the field of view was smooth and the screen alarm was released. "This kind of stress training is shocking and dangerous. It can improve safety and reduce costs in the early stage of forklift driver training, without affecting the learning effect." Schwarm, who took off virtual reality glasses, said.


How smart can a container be? At the Rotterdam Port Authority booth in the Netherlands, a display container or tilting, or swaying, simulates a "wandering" smart container at sea. At the end of last month, a smart container, along with 41 other ordinary containers, will record all kinds of information on the ship for the next two years as the freighter departs from the port of Rotterdam. The smart container is equipped with various sensors, measuring equipment and solar panels. It can measure almost all environmental variables such as air quality, weather conditions inside and outside the container, movement of objects inside the container, noise, smell, etc., and can also be accurately positioned.


Rotterdam, an official of the Port Authority of Rotterdam, said that shipping containers will disappear from the radar during loading and unloading, and the longest "disappear" time can be several weeks. Take the container shipped from Singapore to Rotterdam as an example. The customs rules of more than 30 countries are involved along the way, and the process is complicated. If the smart container technology can be further promoted, it will provide a new solution to combat smuggling crimes, especially drug smuggling.


This expo shows the digital development trend of the logistics industry from various aspects. In terms of hardware, there are unmanned cargo trolleys that can automatically follow the picker, walk through the warehouse, express drones that can load and unload cargo independently, and scanning drones for scanning cargo barcodes in large warehouses; software In terms of logistics cloud platform solutions, visual sorting solutions based on wearable rings and augmented reality smart glasses technology...


Digitization is both an opportunity and a challenge. According to a survey released by the German Federal Institute of Information Technology, Telecommunications and New Media, 79% of freight companies regard digitalization as the biggest challenge in the logistics field. While most companies do not deny the benefits of digitization, only a few have applied artificial intelligence, blockchain or 3D printing. The resistance is mainly due to high talent costs, insufficient reserves of skilled workers and fierce international competition.




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