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Chongqing port logistics development is improving, creating an international logistics hub highland
On november 29, 2018, the chongqing railway port and the staff of chongqing cimc automobile logistics co., ltd. carried out the inspection of the commodity vehicles. The company provides customers with professional transportation services for the transportation of goods and irons to realize "one-stop transportation" logistics services.
The participants of the munich international logistics expo believe that – “one belt and one road to promote the development of global logistics industry
The four-day munich international logistics fair ended on june 7th at the munich convention and Exhibition Center in Germany. Digital, artificial intelligence, and China-European class trains have become hot topics in this year's fair. The Expo attracts approximately 2,300 exhibitors worldwide, of which more than 60 are from China and are the largest exhibitors outside the EU. Participants believed that the “One Belt, One Road” initiative created a win-win opportunity for European and Chinese companies, and expected more Chinese logistics companies to come to the exhibition.
Jianyang: building a modern logistics base in dongjin district
As tianfu international airport is about to be completed and put into use, as a bridgehead for chengdu to the world "silk silk road" and a new portal integrated into the "Belt and Road", Jianyang City has become an international passenger and cargo westward and eastward, eastward Westward exit, westward and westward, China's important transit station, but also ushered in the development of modern logistics. To build a “modern logistics base in the Dongjin area”, Jianyang is taking action.。
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0086 - 757 -28101542


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